ISA Baseball Graphics-01Are Your Sales and Marketing Sequences Out of Alignment?

Turn Inbound Marketing Success Into Inbound Sales Success

If your agency is executing marketing retainers that drive massive traffic and leads for your clients, but they are not seeing the same kind of results in their sales department, the Inbound Sales Academy can help.

For agencies seeking to protect their marketing retainers – or extend their retainers to include sales alignment – the Inbound Sales Academy provides the first and only inbound sales training program that teaches sales teams how to use the fundamentals of inbound marketing in the sales process attract and close leads, resulting in increased sales and profit for you client.

We have taken everything we’ve learned from years of building sales teams that know how to engage with prospects and close deals, and channeled all of it into a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan that not only teaches you the theory behind Inbound Selling, but takes you through the process each week and delivers a workable, actionable plan at the end of the course.

Our inbound selling course isn’t just a training program. It’s an implementation program with weekly coaching and practice.

Yes, you will learn the strategies behind everything we do, but more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous, step-by-step action plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The end result? A salesperson who knows how to engage with prospects and close deals in today’s Internet economy where the prospect already knows what you know.

What You Will Learn

This is an online course with video, audio, workbooks, tracking, transcripts, action plans, worksheets – everything you need to learn how to apply your training to your specific sales process – regardless of your learning style.

Part I


  1. Introduction to Inbound Marketing
    • The change in consumer behavior
    • Effective ways to market in a digital age
    • Stages of the inbound marketing process
  2. Attributes of an Effective Inbound Sales Rep
    • Inbound selling requires D.A.R.C. skills
    • Hunting, trapping and filling your inbound funnel
    • Sales DNA vs. skill set
  3. Understanding Your Selling Style
    • Interpreting the results of your Inbound Sales Assessment
    • Identifying your inbound selling strengths
    • Understanding your inbound selling weaknesses
  4. The Inbound Sales Methodology
    • The difference between a sales methodology and a sales process
    • Outbound Sales Methodologies vs. Inbound Sales Methodology©
    • The four components of the Inbound Sales Methodology©
Part II


  1. Public Authoritative Voice
    • Understanding the need to “get found”
    • Your role in establishing a corporate and personal brand online
    • Identifying influencers and advocates
    • Flipping the traditional sales funnel
  2. Progress Qualifying
    • “reConnecting” – Saying hello again (marketing and sales alignment)
    • What is Context-Based Engagement?
    • Understanding the value of digital body language (lead intelligence)
    • Identifying the digital relevance intersection point
    • Applying digital body language to your engagement
    • Developing contextual questioning skills
    • Defining what makes a SQL inbound lead
    • No, Know and Go – Where to take your lead
  3. Collective Decision-making
    • Establishing a seller relationship
    • Knowing when to say no
    • When to move from discussion to agreement
    • How to present a joint solution
    • Preparing for the closing meeting
  4. Close and Continue
    • Building a mutually beneficial solution
    • Providing the pathway to get results
    • Pitfalls to be aware of
    • Why your proposal ONLY comes after “Yes, I’ll buy!”
    • Preparing yourself and marketing to promote
  5. Success Planning
    • Moving from discussion to agreement
    • Providing the pathway to get results
    • Pitfalls to beware of
  6. Closing
    • Negotiation skills
    • Preparing for the closing meeting
    • “What if?” Tips and tricks for closing the deal
    • Knowing when to say no
Part III


  1. Inbound Sales Performance Evaluation
    • Key performance indicators for inbound selling
    • Tools for tracking and reporting
  2. Your Personal Inbound Sales Action Plan
    • Presentation of final inbound sales action plans
    • Helpful tools for sustaining inbound sales success

What Others Are Saying

  • As a Gold Level HubSpot Partner, my business is growing. The eight week ISA seminar on hiring has outlined how to build a hiring process that will help me bring on the right salespeople and impact my business for years to come.

    Rick Whittington
    Rick Whittington Whittington Consulting

Inbound Selling

Is Perfect For You If…

Your prospects learn a lot more about your product than they used to.

You don’t know how to engage with your prospects online.

The sales process is taking too long – or never actually closes.

You are losing prospects to your competitors.

You want to help your prospect navigate the challenging internal problem of making a decision by committee.

You are having difficulty agreeing with your marketing department on defining what a “qualified lead” looks like.

You don’t know how to use all that stuff that the marketing department creates – to actually close a deal.

You are getting pressure from your CEO to work with the marketing department, but you don’t really see a benefit.

Limited Time Bonus

Tools for the Inbound Representative

($297 Value)

  • How can you leverage HubSpot’s Sidekick for prospecting and lead nurturing?
  • What should you look for in a CRM?
  • Should you upgrade to LinkedIn for Business, and how do you use it?
  • Coaching

    This is for the sales rep who will enjoy watching the self-study modules, and then wishes to participate in group coaching to ask questions and practice the techniques covered in each module.

    The Coaching Plan includes:

    • Access to 12 self-study modules
    • Twelve 60 minute small group coaching calls
    • One Objective Management Group salesperson assessment evaluation license ($300 value)
    • Three monthly coaching calls with student and his/her manager
    • Downloadable PDF Inbound Sales Action Plan workbook to create your personalized plan
    • Access to a private LinkedIn group to interact with your fellow classmates and the ISA Team
    • Weekly inbound selling tools, templates, worksheets and more

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